Frequently Asked Questions

GFNY Uruguay 171 Km is a highly demanding race, and it really honours its name.
It was designed with highly trained cyclsts in mind, with specific performance peaks. It could very well be thought of as a yearly training goal.
The 1879 mt/ 6165ft of ascent are concentrated from Km 53 onwards, on routes 12 and 60. There is a stretch of 80 Km of unrelenting climbs ranging from 300 mt to 1Km long, with steep climbs between 8% and 12%.
This is really wearing, especially if riders must finish the race keeping a minimum average speed of 22,5 Km/h.
The Medio Fondo 84 Km in turn, has 681 mts/ 2234 ft of ascent, and is more adequate for riders with lower training levels.
2I registered to the MEDIO FONDO, but I'd like to switch to the GRAN FONDO -- or viceversa-- ¿is that possible?
You can switch from Gran Fondo to Medio Fondo or viceversa at no extra cost until 10 p.m. March 15th 2017 .
To do so, please contact
No, GFNY URUGUAY 2017 is open to all riders, including those who only wish to compete against themselves. Being able to finish it is a challenge in itself.
No, the Medio Fondo 84 KM is NOT competitive. Even though its riders are timed individually, the final results will be published next to riders' names in alphabetical order. If you are really set to compete, you should enter the GFNY URUGUAY 171 Km.
A transmission including small plates of 37,36 or 34, and 11-28 crown is recommended
6¿what kind of apparel should I wear?
Besides the official Jersey included in the Race Pack, you can wear anything you want, as long as you attach the bike and jersey numbers, ID wristband and helmet.
Even though the race takes place in summertime, the early morning temperatures in March in Punta del Este may be a bit chilly, especially on a cloudy, windy or day. We recommend you bring a vest or a windbreaker jacket just in case.
7Can I have someone else pick up the Race Pack for me?
No, Race Packs are handled to riders after they sign the registration form including the Acceptance of the Rules and the Disclaimer of Responsibility
8Why GFNY URUGUAY and MEDIO FONDO have the same registration cost?
GFNY URUGUAY organizers set the registration prices based on the production costs of the event as a whole, according to the number of riders of both races.
9Is there going to be public transportation to the Start Line on Race Day?
The public transportation system (bus/taxi) is not prepared to transport your bike, but some local cabs can take your bike inside, or using exterior fastening systems, but you must arrange this in advance.
10Are there going to be chartered buses to the start line on Race Day?
GFNY URUGUAY has set SHUTTLE SERVICES with the FRIENDLY HOTELS. If you are a guest on any of these hotels, just check this up on front desk.
11Where can I park my car on Race Day?
GFNY URUGUAY has set a large PARKING AREA inside Enjoy Conrad's facilities and a NO PARKING/EXCLUSION ZONE around the start line. This will be clearly indicated by traffic fences and City Traffic Inspectors. GFNY URUGUAY will deploy a surveillance team to secure riders' property, but will not take responsibility for loss or damage of such property, as it is stated on the registration rules and accepted by registered riders. The area around the Start/Finish line is very secure, as is Punta del Este in general.
12Is there going to be a Bike Parking Lot?
Yes. Riders can check their bikes at the secured Bike Lot, close to the finish line, provided the bikes have their number attached, and the riders keep their Jersey number or their wristband, all of which they get on the Race Pack.
13Can my family or partners stay in the area during the race?
Family members or companions in general can stay in the Start/Finish area if they wish to do so, or also across the street at the Enjoy Conrad facilities, or at the beach close by.
14Can I have my own road support or hydration system/team?
For general traffic/safety reasons, the only private en-route support or hydration system allowed for riders will be restricted to the area known as Ramallo, just South of the intersection of Routes 12 and 60, at 95Km from the start line. GFNY URUGUAY organization provides sufficient support, both technical and hydration, through the Aid Stations and the caravan vehicles
Riders are advised to have dinner the night before, and before going to the start line, to have breakfast according to the significant effort they are about to undertake, and also make sure to visit the bathroom. The first Aid Station with portable toilets and food/drink is at 53Km for the MF and 66Km for the GF. Is it also reccomended to bring along a spare inner tube, CO2 can or air pump and the cycling traditional tool set. A thorough mechanical check-up on your bike prior to the race is strongly advised.
16What should I do if I realize I'm having a bad day and will not be able to finish the course?
GFNY URUGUAY will have support vehicles and reference riders cycling within the peloton along the whole course to help riders in trouble. Try to reach, if possible, the closest Aid Station ahead. There you will find assistance and a place to recover and wait for the Sag Wagon to catch up.
Should you deem not convenient for you to try to reach the next Aid Station, just wait for the Sag Wagon on the side of the road or ask the support/official vehicles for assistance. They will be watching over foee these possible situations and will pass on your location to the closest help available for you. Also bear in mind that an emergency cell phone number is printed on your wristband. Use this number in case you were not able to cantact any other en-route help. Should you find a rider in such trouble along your way, who is incapable of riding any further, please communicate the situation to the next GFNY URUGUAY official, vehicle or Aid Station, as well as the rider's approximate location
17I never rode in peloton... what should i worry about?
Riding in a group saves you about 30% energy due to the "drafting" effect thus created. It requires certain ability to ride close to other rider's rear wheel. Mostly requires concentration, avoiding sudden moves, and keeping both hands at the handlebars and brakes Ideally, you should practice this situation prior to the race.
18Can I produce a Physical Fitness Certificate other than the downloadable model on your site?
YES! Any valid Physical Fitness Certificate is good enough provided it is signed and stamped by a professional physician Federation License, Medical Certificate, Medical Institution Certification or private doctor's are OK as long as they are valid on race date.