All you need to know

Here you will find valuable information on each and every aspect regarding the First South American Championship, at GFNY URUGUAY 2020. All riders should read it carefully, for their own safety and that of their fellow riders, as well as to contribute to the best possible outcome of the race.


Entry is open ONLY for riders aged 18 or older. Registration is done exclusively online until 10 p.m. on March 10th, 2020, or otherwise announced.


GFNY URUGUAY 2018 171 KM / 106.2 Mi, ASCENT + 1.879m / + 6,165 ft

MEDIO FONDO 84 Km / 52.2 Mi, ASCENT + 681 m / + 2,234 ft


US$ 120 until midnight March 31st, 2019
US$ 140 until April 30th, 2019
US$ 150 until May 31st, 2019
US$ 160 until June 30th, 2019
US$ 170 until July 31st 2019
US$ 180 until August 31st, 2020
US$ 190 until September 30th 2019
US$ 200 until December 31st, 2019
US$ 210 until January 31st, 2020
US$ 220 until February 29th, 2020
US$ 230 until March 10th, 2020
US$ 250 Friday 13th & Saturday 14th, March, 2020 IN PERSON AT EXPO BIKE, at AWA boutique & design Hotel PUNTA DEL ESTE
In person registration, US$ 250 on Friday March 13th (noon til 6 p.m.) & Saturday 14th (10 a.m. til 6 p.m.) March 2020 at the Expo Bike

GFNY URUGUAY EXPO BIKE & Rider’s identification / Getting your Race Pack

WHERE: AWA boutique & design Hotel PUNTA DEL ESTE

WHEN: noon to 6 p.m. on FRIDAY 13th & 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. SATURDAY 14th of March, 2020.


Once you are registered online, you must appear in person (no exceptions) and sign your agreement to the race rules.

You must present valid photo I.D., such as passport, DNI or RG (South American D types).

If you are registered online but cannot provide positive identification by means of a valid photo I.D. you will not be able to take part on the race, and the organization is not required to reimburse your registration fee.

At this point you will receive your RACE PACK, containing:



You will wear the same number on the Official Jersey, the bicycle, the Identification Wristband and the Personal Bag.

Should you decide to leave it at coat check, this bag will remain under the organization’s custody. However, it is advised not to leave valuables inside.


Every rider must wear the Identification Wristband during the race.This band not only enables a fast identification of a rider in need of medical attention, but grants all rider's access to start/finish areas, nutrition stations and after-race activities, including the Pasta Party.


All of these items will be handed to every rider on a numbered Personal Bag, in which those who wish to, may leave a light set of dry clothes on custody (shorts, T-shirt, light footwear) the morning of the race, before the start.

You will not be able to retrieve your bike from the secured parking lot nor your Personal Bag without your Identification Wristband.

Race numbers on jerseys and bicycles. Timing chips.

The jersey numbers should be attached to the back side of the jersey by safety pins, or directly sewed on. Bike numbers should be properly attached to the front of the handlebars. It should be always visible and should not be bent, hidden, broken or altered in any way. This number contains the racer’s timing chip. Any misuse of this number will lead to the registered rider’s exclusion from the race’s official time records and official final results. Chips and numbers are personal and non-transferrable. Its use by any rider different from who is registered with it, will lead to immediate disqualification of all involved parties.


Time schedule

I'MARANGATÚ PUNTA DEL ESTE Rambla Williman Parada 7, Punta del Este

Start Area opens at 07:00 a.m. Entry to starting corrals closes at 07:45 a.m.


Categories and corrals


Corrals are set by category, which is ordered by rider's age by December 31st, 2018.

  • 1 - VIP CORRAL (GFNY WORLD qualifiers)
  • 2 - age  18 to 39 
  • 3 - age  40 to 44 
  • 4 - age  45 to 49 
  • 5 - age  50 to 54 
  • 6 - age  55 to 59 
  • 7 - age  60 to 64 
  • 8 - age  65 to 69 
  • 9 - age  70 to 74 
  • 10 - age     75+
  • TEAMS/HIM&HER riders: all team members must start on the corral according to the oldes team member.

  • CORRAL 11 : MEDIO FONDO riders
    • Not being a competitive race, all riders start from a common corral. GFNY URUGUAY suggests Medio Fondo riders to place themselves according to their level: beginners should start at the back, and faster and more trained riders should take the front.

  • CORRAL 11 - Para-athletes with hand cycles
  • Entering a corral other than the one assigned by category/color is not permitted, unless you want to join rider friends that start from corrals located further back from your assigned corral. Any rider detected in infraction will be sent to start the race from the last corral.

    Riders who arrive past the entry time may start from the last corral.


    Any technically serviceable roadworthy bicycle is permitted. The following are not permitted: Triathlon/Aero bars, tandems, e-bikes, prone bicycles, recumbent bikes and bicycles with chair seating (except for para-athletes), penny farthings or mono cycles. Unsafe bikes can be banned at any time during the event..


    Helmets must be worn by all riders at all times and have to be securely fastened with a chinstrap at all times while riding.


    The use of headphones will lead to immediate disqualification.

    GFNY road signs

    GFNY URUGUAY will set information signs along both routes, such as: distance to Aid Stations, KMs past and to-go, potential hazards, special attention spots & crossroads.

    Aid stations

    Riders will have Aid Stations along the routes with:

    • water, isotonic beverages and fruit.
    • Medical Assistance
    • Light technical support: shift adjustment, inner tube replacement, CO2 bottles, etc. In case of necessary parts replacement, the rider will be charged for parts only.
    • Portable toilets.
    • Waste baskets.

    Aid stations' locations


    36 km/22 miles off start line on route 104 at intersection with route 9

    66 km/41 miles off start line on route 12 by Pueblo Edén

    104 km/ 65 miles off start line, at the crossroads of Routes 60 and 81

    131 km/ 81.5 miles off start line, on Route 60, entrance to Pan de Azúcar

    145 km/ 90 miles off start line, on InterBalnearia Route

    157 km/ 97.5 miles off start line, at the crossroads of InterBalnearia Route and Route 12


    36 km/22 miles off start line on route 104 at intersection with route 9

    53 km/ 33 miles off start line, on Route 12

    71 km/ 44 miles off start line, at the crossroads of InterBalnearia Route and Route 12

    In order to preserve the environment, plastic bottles or cups WILL NOT BE HANDED. Racing bottles can get refilled at Aid Stations, by GFNY URUGUAY staff or by the riders themselves.

    There will be no Support Station at the start. GFNY URUGUAY recommends to have the previous dinner and breakfast according to the effort you are about to undertake.

    Hydration policy

    GFNY URUGUAY offers a hydration mode aligned with its general environmental policy, and consists in the Aid Stations system. This means that the riders who wish to take advantage of it must stop and refill the race bottles. WATER BOTTLES, CUPS OR RACE BOTTLES WILL NOT BE HANDLED TO RIDERS IN MOTION. Furthermore, GFNY URUGUAY advices against private hydration along the courses, for traffic safety reasons, and to preserve the utmost fairness of the competition. Those riders who, despite this advice decide to organize their own on-the-go hydration system, must do so in compliance with the following conditions:

    • There may be JUST ONE such assistance per rider in the whole race at the Ramallo Climb, a couple of Kms South of intersection of Routes 60 and 12, 99 KM off the start line.
    • Under no circumstance there will be such assistances done in any other sections of the course apart from the one mentioned above.
    • Private assistance crews must park all vehicles in open spots, away from road shoulders, and observe general traffic regulations.
    • Crew members who handle the water must do so ON FOOT and on the RIGHT SIDE shoulder.
    • As a rule, race bottle handling is adviced. In case water bottles or cups are handled, it is the duty and responsibility of the assisting crew to pick up after the rider and dispose of any and all trash derived from these actions.


    Tech suport on route

    We suggest that all riders have their bikes checked/serviced a few days or even weeks before the race. It is also recommended that you try out your bike after the check out and prior to a race like GFNY URUGUAY, in order to make any adjustments it may need, in due time.

    We also suggest you learn how to replace an inner tube, so you can fix the eventual puncture and avoid awaiting the arrival of technical support that may be busy with other riders in need. To this end, it is the riders' responsibility to carry replacement inner tubes or CO2 bottles, along with the traditional cycling tools.

    Always work on the right shoulder of the road, keeping a safe distance to allow comfortable passage of fellow riders Should you need more complex repairs (broken spokes, replacement of brake cable, chain, etc.) the support vehicles can take bikes and riders to the next Aid Station. Riders who make use of this option must know they will be disqualified from the GRAN FONDO 171K race, and therefore excluded from the official time results.

    Portable toilets

    Will be available at the start/finish areas as well as at all Aid Stations (GRAN FONDO 36Km, 66 km, 104 km, 131 km, 157 km, MEDIO FONDO 36 Km, 53 km and 71 km)

    Mandatory Physical Fitness Certificate

    IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE LOCAL REGULATIONS, ALL RIDERS MUST PRESENT A PHYSICAL FITNESS CERTIFICATE. To this effect, any valid Cycling Federation licence, certification issued by a Medical Institution or doctor will suffice. If you DON'T have any of those, you may download the following model and have it signed and sealed by your physician. Download Model Certificate PDF here, to be signed and sealed by your physician.

    Medical assistance

    Both routes, GFNY URUGUAY 171 km and Medio Fondo 85 km will have medical assistance with ambulances rolling en route and stationed at strategic points, start/finish line and Pasta Party. This has been planned to ensure a fast response to any situation at any point of the race should it become necessary.

    All parties involved in the production of the race, Highway and Traffic Police officers, drivers and support vehicle personnel, as well as those operating the Aid Stations, will be connected to central HQ and with the medical staff so there will be no unnecessary delay.

    Should you require medical attention during the race, the first staff member you see will stay with you until the arrival of the closest medical assistance unit. No matter where you are, help will be available and close by.

    Cantegril Hospital, Mautone Medical Center and Maldonado Hospital (National Health Care) are part of the GFNY URUGUAY medical-assistance plan for the race.

    Time limit

    Since the race requires the partial or complete road closure, there is a limited time allowance.

    The minimum average speed for GFNY URUGUAY 171 km is of 22,5 km/h.

    The minimum average speed for Medio Fondo 84 km is of 25 km/h

    There will be a sag wagon operating on each course. The Wagon Master will invite those riders who are reached by it, to climb up along with their bikes. Those riders who wish to continue riding may do so, but they must give up all their numbers and will no longer be part of the race. They will be riding on their own, on open traffic and under their complete and sole responsibility.

    They may keep the Identification Wristband, however, so they can access Aid Stations that may be still operative, retrieve their Personal Bags and enjoy the Pasta Party after the race.


    The use of timing chips will guarantee not only the exact race time of each rider, but also that they respect the designated routes, by having several check points along the road. Riders that do not comply with all checkpoints will be automatically disqualified, and will be banned from future editions of the GFNY URUGUAY.

    Finish area & Pasta Party

    Upon their arrival, riders will be directed to an area especially conditioned for their well being, where they can freshen up. At this point they may retrieve their Personal Bags and leave their bikes in custody. Remember that your Identification Wristband will be the key for bike retrieval.

    As soon as they arrive, the riders will very much enjoy the Pasta Party in the comfortable GFNY URUGUAY accommodations by the Start/Finish area.

    Rules of conduct

    In addition to the Highway and Traffic Police officers, GFNY URUGUAY counts on several staff members who will be manning the assistance en route. They take part as judges, assistants, service personnel, mechanics, traffic signalers, security, etc. Their presence is essential to the race, because they are in charge of protecting you, and making sure you just worry about the challenge of kilometers, climbs and winds ahead of you. We appreciate them being treated with due courtesy and respect.

    Any disrespect or failure to comply with any of their indications regarding race matters, especially those of judges or assistants, will result on the immediate disqualification from the race, and the ban for taking part on future GFNY URUGUAY events. All riders must know that ALL GFNY URUGUAY STAFF, or traffic/police officials working forthe race is advised to REPORT any foul play to the Race Director/ Race Judges,who will apply penalties accordingly.

    Respect of nature and environment

    GFNY URUGUAY organizers will be especially strict upon those who leave/ throw any trash on the road during the race. There will be enough waste bins and baskets al the Aid Stations, and in the start/finish areas.

    GFNY URUGUAY courses roll along open range and seaside locations of great scenic value. It is a high priority of the GFNY URUGUAY organization, to preserve them to the maximum extent. Failing to do so, not only damages the race’s image, but that of all cyclists as well.

    Riders who fail to comply with these directives will be disqualified, and banned from participating in future GFNY URUGUAY events.


    The Police officers on duty will be particularly strict in preventing any vehicle other than the GFNY URUGUAY support caravan from circulating in support of individual riders. Unauthorized vehicles represent serious security risks. Any assistance, contact or communication between riders and unauthorized support vehicles will result on a 10 minute penalty for the involved rider/s. Depending on the case, GFNY URUGUAY authorities may even disqualify such riders from the race,


    Due to the route characteristics, there will be certain crossings that will remain under special Transit Police surveillance until deemed necessary by the GFNY URUGUAY organization. Even though there will be a well planned safety strategy displayed, it is vital to abide by and respect all traffic regulations, USING EXCLUSIVELY THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE ROAD. Highway and Traffic Police officers will detain any rider who doesn't comply with this fundamental rule. Such rider will be immediately disqualified, and prevented from taking part in any future GFNY URUGUAY event.


    GRAN FONDO overall male and female winners 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes will be awarded, as well as m/f winners (1st. only) by category.

    Race cancellation

    Race will not be suspended or cancelled for rain or bad weather. GFNY URUGUAY will only be cancelled in case of severe thunderstorm, and by decision or by suggestion of the competent National Authorities (National Secretary of Transportation, Highway / Traffic Police, Maldonado City Hall).

    Registration refund - Event Protect

    If due to circumstances beyond the control of GFNY URUGUAY, act of god or force majeure, the race has to be cancelled, registrations are protected by Event Protect, and the riders will receive reimbursement for moneys paid for registration and associated costs. Please note, price considered is what apears on your GFNY registration platform, so if you received an invitational link,that price will be zero, not entitled to refund.

    Registration cancellation

    Registration fee is non-refundable by GFNY URUGUAY, GFNY Inc., in any case. Only by Event Protect, if coverage was purchased by rider.

    Forfeit insurance - Event Protect

    Riders may purchase Forfeit Insurance by Event Protect, available at the registration form. This means full registration costs refund in special cases of injury, travel/redundancy issues.

    Medical insurance

    All riders of GFNY URUGUAY shall provide their own Medical Insurance Coverage. They must make sure their Insurance is valid at the time and place of the race, and that it covers accidents occurring in this kind of competition.

    In case you don’t have a valid Medical Insurance, GFNY URUGUAY can provide one for you.

    Image rights

    GFNY URUGUAY reserves the right to use the rider's image for promotional use.

    Photo coverage of the race

    The prestigious German photo agency, world's number one at sporting events coverage, will capture every GFNY URUGUAY rider at the start line, en route and crossing the finish line. SPORTOGRAF sells the pictures on-line, so they will be available minutes after the rider's arrival.
    See GFNY URUGUAY pictures here.

    Rules acceptance

    All those who ride and compete under these rules do so at their own risk. No liability shall attach to GFNY URUGUAY or any of its officials with respect to any loss or injury sustained or caused by anyone competing or riding in GFNY URUGUAY. By signing your agreement to the rules of GNFY URUGUAY, you are accepting all terms and conditions for the competition. Including your statement of being in proper physical condition, and that you voluntarily take and assume all risks deriving from partaking on this kind of competition.

    Rule changes

    Race rules can be altered at the sole discretion of GFNY URUGUAY. The website, will be the official means for this and all communications. Visit it periodically, in order to keep updated.

    Race routes can be altered at the sole discretion of GFNY URUGUAY, even during the race.

    Hotel/Restaurant GFNY friends 

    AWA boutique & design Hotel,Parada 7, Playa Mansa, Punta del Este

    Touristic packages

    You may check and book all kinds of options at our Travel Section.