Physical Fitness Certificate

Why do we ask for this certification?
The Physical Fitness Certification is a major step towards the safe practice of any sport. It is important to understand that the whole purpose behind this is to help athletes to preserve his/her good health and ensure his/her safety along both training and competition.
This measure surely does not supersede the athletes’ regular medical check-up. However, we know as a fact that in some cases, it is the only contact with a doctor that athletes have in the whole year. This is why we strongly advice against asking for “as a favor”, non-thorough certifications.

Important Considerations
All riders must be aware of the fact that Medical Certification does not eliminates the risks of all cardio-vascular potentially mortal diseases.

Objectives of the Physical Fitness Certification
  • Detection of medical issues, especially severe cardiological and orthopedical problems that may put the athlete at risk of injury or disease.
  • Detection of remediable problems that may lessen the athlete’s performance.
  • Help preserve the athlete’s good health and safety.
  • Assess the fitness level to make sure the athlete’s physical condition is mature and fit for the competition.
  • Provide the athlete with thorough information about sports, exercise, related injuries and other health-related issues.
  • Comply with legal and insurance requirements.